Mr. David Shulkin
US Department of Veteran Affairs
810 Vermont Ave
Washington, D C 20420
This has been a wonderful Saturday of adventure, and happiness.
The housekeeper, who are willing to work the extra hours in which to beautify the
facility, can now count on the pay in which to live in pride.
One the works stated ” the directors levels questing [WHY] the money- setting their” it need to be used in which to cleaning up”, looking, now stairs on the outer, building from head to bottoms. Only ones that use the stairs for cardio’s, and circulation of the blood would enjoy the cleanses of the stair wells.
After hour security for Firer Watch is in place.
That is needed – with all the Construction going on an rounded our VA Long Beach “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center’s Campus.
The glass, medals; stones, window’s. In being the creative skilled thinking person, I can vision the butterfly’s hanging, as in the breast cancer lobbies.
What about the small humming birds, outside the screens you see each day in which to remind you, everything is okay.
Well it would seem I am one visionary looking to see the finishing project, including the fencing which should have been up year and year ago.
Saturday’s clinic are becoming very helpful to the patients who’s able to keep their appointments on the weekend’s without disrupting your week.
As a result, I would need to wait and see what the list of decision. Can the basics the director is choosing to place, use the additional creative minds.
Eiram55 journey to 125
June / July


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