VA 23rd June’s Press release from the Whitehouse / by President Trump –“ Signing of the Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act”.


11:57 AM EDT


Accountability on VA Campus


Faster, from “Department of Defense to the Department of Veterans Affairs”

V C I A:

Veterans Choice Improvement Act

–opportunity for the Veteran to see the doctor of their CHOICE

Honor Flight

–here at the Long Beach VA”aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center , I can still see the Butterfly’s, that would be beautiful in our Lobby.

VA accountability is essential to making sure that our veterans are treated with the respect they have so richly earned through their blood, sweat and tears.

This law will finally give the VA Secretary – who is, by the way, just doing some job, and he’s doing it with this and with the heart. (Applause.)

It gives the Secretary the authority to  remove federal employees who fail and endanger our veterans – and to do so quickly and effectively. It’s been a long time since you’ve heard those words. Those entrusted with the sacred duty of serving our veterans will be held accountable for the care they provide.  It’s a big statement.

At the same time, this bill protects whistleblowers who do the right thing.

We want to reward, cherish, and promote the many dedicated employees at the VA.

This legislation also gives the VA Secretary the authority to appoint new medical directors at VA hospitals – something which was almost impossible to do in the past.

And these are going to be talented, talented people.


Sorry, it would seem some are little unhappy, but don’t you understand what this means, You Have Your Own Voice, Talkers.

Please Speak Up.

Boy, the long beach va “aka” has construction happening all over the campus, north end, south end, and the east. Oh and lets not forget the iron rod, fencing.

Well , on the out note:

I am still waiting for the response on the, email sent


From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Sent: Friday, June 16, 2017 2:49 PM To: Minero, Elva Y; Payne, Gisele A (Long Beach) Cc: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Subject: 5/26/2017 document


Ms. Minero,

During the shift 26th May 2017 you presented me (16:03hr) with a form, in which was unsigned by Administration Could you please scanned up the notation for me [Sylvia Bonaparte] or take a picture and forward.

From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Sent: Monday, June 12, 2017 9:40 AM To: Foree, Norma; Minero, Elva Y; Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Cc: Rudd, Della S Subject: FOLLOWING UP ON -5/26/17 FACT FINDER OF THE Desk move….


Ms. Minero

Welcome- back, was instructed you were back at your post today, and is “following up were you able to complete the Work Order, for desk move onto West Wall, as stated per myself and Union Rep.,Vice President Ms. Foree.

Could you send USE the Work Order # for movers {Albert}.please.

  1. Marie Sylvia Ann Bonaparte

Tibor Rubin Medical Center

building 126 A, OP-247 2nd floor Southwest side

5901 East 7th Street

Long Beach, CA    90822

More weeks will go and come, with still an un-available answer, from the Long Beach VA”aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center.

It has been 30 day’s since Jeffrey Arcaro has left, and Della Rudd, didn’t even response to our email Cc: to her, I SHE the correct choice in the Chief slot.

Where is H. Moses when you need him/ his no longer with us.

On a positive note, we are all alive an well!

Eiram55 journey to 125


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