6th   July     2017        Thursday—

Well, our day has come to a closes, and I want to start forward our Administration, accounts of what they know and don’t know about Disabled employees.


The Engineering department; is here doing their rounds according to what every information given.

Need keys, in which to gain entry in OP-246, would need to speak with Angela Nwachuku, Compensation & Pension, Administrator.

Tri – Care division is officially completely gone [accepted those allowed extension to care].

This is our AFFIDAVIT OF Jeffrey Arcaro:

INVESTIGATION BAKER:   Jeffrey Arcaro, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?




Q   Okay. Could you please state your full name for the record?

A   Yeah. It’s Jeffrey Robert Arcaro.

Q Please state yes or no regarding whether or not you’ve engaged in prior EEO activity.

A   Yes

Q   Please state yes or no whether you possess a disability.

A   I do not have a disability. No

Q   And for the period November to December of 2016, what was your position, job title, grade level and series?

A   What’s the time frame again?

Q   November to December of 2016.

A   I was the Assistant Chief of Health Administration Service. And that is a GS – 301, 13.

Q   Thank you. And is that your current title and grade

A   It is.

Q   Okay. Please state your place of employment, including your work address, e-mail and telephone.

A  It’s VA Long Beach Healthcare System. The address is 5901 East Seventh Street, which is Long Beach, California.

My e-mail address is Jeffrey.Arcaro@va.gov. And my phone number is 562-826-8000, Extension 3540.

Q   Thank you.   And for the same period, November to December of 2016, who were your first- and second-line supervisors, and what were their titles?

A   My first – line supervisor was the Chief of Health Administration Service, Pam Womack. And my second-line supervisor was the Associate Director of the hospital. And that is Ms. Jill Dietrich.

Q   And do you know Marie Sylvia Bonaparte, herein after referred to as the complainant? And if yes, what is your organizational relationship with her?

A   Yes, I do know Ms. Bonaparte. I would be her third-Level supervisor.

Q   Okay. Are you aware of whether or not the complainant is a qualified individual with a disability?

A   I am not familiar with her medical activity. I know that she wears a respirator to work every day. So my assumption would be she is disabled.

Q   Okay.

A   She also has a recurring intermittent Family Medical Leave case. And I do believe she is off every Wednesday for treatment of her medical condition.

Q   Okay. And how early did you become aware of that ? Was it prior to November 22nd, 2016?

A   It was shortly after I started in Long Beach, which was in August of 2015.

Q   Okay. And as of November 1st, 2016 were you aware of the complainant’s prior EEO activity?

A   I know the complainant had filed a number of EEO complaints regarding – I think she filed some against her Section Chief, which was Gisele Payne.

Q   Okay. And how did you become aware of that?

A   I think, for one, I was notified by the EEO Counselor here at the medical center, Ms. Susan DeMasters.

Q   Uh – huh.

A   And then I think I had heard that she had prior EEO activity before that.

Q   Okay. All right.

     I am going to get into the claims. The complainant alleges she was discriminated against based on reprisal and her disability when since on November 22nd, 2016, Ely Quesenberry has not granted her accommodation request to be reassigned to the Greater Los Angeles VA facility.

     So first, did you have any role or involvement in her request to be reassigned?

A   No. I had dealt with a request. I don’t know if it was the same request. I think there were two separate ones. And these were reasonable accommodation requests.

Q   Okay.

A   She had put forward a reasonable accommodation request – I would say this was – this probably took place in – I’m going to guess and say it’s roughly around April of 2016. It was over a year ago – where she had requested that she wanted a different office space because of the perfume scents and body odors that were – that were prevalent in her work area.

We were – we examined a number of options where she could be relocated, one of which was an area that was under construction that was not going to be suitable.

Another area that was leased to the Credit Union that would also not be viable office space for her. And then so the third option was another space that had no carpet that was actually across the hallway from her Section Chief, Gisele Payne.

And she declined that space because she stated that her Section Chief, Gisele Payne, wore too strong of perfume.

After that there was another reasonable accommodation request that was filed that had to do with requesting relocation to the Greater Los Angeles VA.

And at the service level, we did nothing with that. Because any kind of reassignment to another VA, you know, those are – reassignment to another location or reassignment to another job series, those are always facilitated at our facility by HR and not by the service line.

Q   Okay.

A   And I do believe from what I – I think I asked Ely Quesenberry –

Q   Uh – huh.

A   — you know, what the status was with that. And I do believe he told me that there was not adequate medical documentation that was provided that would say that – that would prove that, you know, another – another VA facility would be beneficial for her medical condition.

Q   Okay. And did you have any documents that you wanted to provide in support of your statement


A     I do believe I could find in my e-mails when I made the decision on the reasonable accommodation

Request regarding the office change. I do believe that was signed by me. I’m fairly certain.

If you haven’t spoken with Ely Quesendberry, he would probably have the — he would have the –he would have the version that I signed and he signed. The only version that I have is the one that I signed.

Q   Okay. Okay. I can get the from him. He may have already provided it, actually. And you already

Provide me the names of the witnesses that you suggested via e-mail. Thank you for those.

So I don’t have any other questions. Is there anything that you would like to add that we haven’t already discussed?

A   No.   Nothing – nothing on the record.

INVESTIGATOR BAKER:   okay.   We can go off the record, Sonja

(Off the record. )

(The proceedings concluded at 5:16 p. m. EDT)

Enjoy / educate..

Eiram55 journey to 125


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