Late entry due to computer issues on 29th June 2017

Our director, has step back to notice and see what is accruing through the facility and taking action.

Washington, D. C. is watching closely.

Individual – in the Executive levels are being looked at, why, and during the same time not allowing employees to speak out and feel not bulled by their Supervisor, Supervisory, Manager, Management, Sector Chief, Chief & Assistant Chiefs.

Interesting New, was informed that the documentation sent to the hospital is being, reviewed to his finding.

Drilling / Construction is underneath OP-247, out and around the location.

In walking, through the waiting room a patient became sick, and the husband / caregiver gabs a trashcan .

What was more – disturbing is look at the Clerk in the area, looking at me as to what is was going to do, and did assist at the aid of Patient Seating in her own lobby.

Continued with the assist by, retrieving paper towel from the bathroom / and lay a VA towel over her lap where some of the fluid landed.

Nurse wonderful Nurse Karen had her Door closed, heard what was going on, assisted with clean-up and pushed the patient, down to the Emergency Room to continue her Care.

See if the Clerk, had a back ground as a Nurse’s Aide, or Healthcare worker she would have mind getting her Hands Soled to help the Veteran keep her dignity.

So, she came in clean clothes, but had to Leave are hospital with Soled ones.

Then noted as before blog, I explained how Executives Manager have the ability in which to control and view your computers while you’re up on them.

I had used the information a Business Manager had ligated for the Executive Chief at the time:

–ACCESS Creation , which authorization by Executive Management for OVER/ COMP time to work down the backlog and address all clerical errors.

In creating this systems in the pass has allowed still yet, the underdog, (newbie) to use this wrongful in harming the workers underneath themes credited work.

–Now, after turning off your computer to reload / you have the ability to see what Executive Management Officer are on you I P Address if  view the upper bander.

On the computer use at OP-247 M s i-exec / Fu 29A2BA7E 35044 F8D 9F1C98515687 EC 32 } f u


I am so use to the evening / night time scheduling system that I didn’t realize that the clock’s on Day’s in Vista Long beach a backwards, another words if you’re time collects in at midnight, 4.0 SL (sick leave) it set as one ,and can’t technical be use until the next two weeks. [okay then – Master Agreement Article 35].

Meanwhile, this has been a good day, my recycling course came through.

See everyone at the Top for you created minded would be the only ones to understand

Eiram55 journey to 125

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