Now, why is it the Sector chief and Manager so concern on how individual clothes their bodies when coming to work.

Leviticus 18: KJV: I don’t see any executives, enforces the way others who choose not – 22-“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” Point being we see it, we have to love them as God’s children, and opportunity them into the church, before the Lamb.

Do we tell the how to dress, NO. Do we tell individual how to smell NO, so why would the employer be on someone’s back about what worker can afford to clothes themselves and family’s members?

The executive staffs don’t realize they have worker that are just make enough in which to keep a roof over their heads.

So, don’t even get food until they arrive at this job, just waiting for someone to have a party, just so they can feed themselves and family members, and you’re worried about pretty.

Why don’t you turn them hander back forward- for those you have place on yourself for a month, take them all to Goodwill. Someone would possible in joy them.

I believe still, Chief, Assistant Chief, Sector chief, Managers, Supervisor,

Supervisory, and lead to work on the wards one time, just one time, then YOU will not approach people or co-worker in the bullying tatting of the clothes on their bodies. It is embarrassing enough just by you making that statement.

The day started out very interesting, assignment prepared by 8:00am, to have break interruption from Elva Yolanda Minero, about posting after hours in which we need to persuade my EEOC Case.

Now, this was stated to John Clemens, (after June Callasan pushing the issues) that was completing paper works.

While, she [E.M] did not present a ticket on Desk being moved to the WEST Wall, but according to her I P address she’s not submitted anything.

It show her typing up R C. left and right, but she not completing anything she spoke to I or the Vice President of the Union (Noree).

Secondly, she and Noree, was emailed about a copy of this form in which she create for a signature.

My old Supervisor Hector Cascalla here visiting on the OLD Bill Meek’s hallway, it would to seem to also complete paperwork of some kind.

While, checking on the wife location OP-267


In the Reclining of workshop completed my “Certification Services”

Yes, it is some to be prude.

October 2016, when E. Minero came on did complete my course, or training do to I T & Mr. H, who left could deal with the HEPA systems, warmth to OP-247.

After a while every time something came up, it could pertain to disables worker because the Supervisor don’t under the command since of human in the works place.

It has and still is sampler to yell from halls and make present know.


Assignment Recall underneath 5/31/17 – 7/6/17 single pages

Returned: OP 108, north end of the facilities campus


Hey the Full MOON is leaving use.

The energy is something.

Drive self out there.


Eiram55 journey to 125

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