V A Whistleblowers – Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center

CASE # 2017.07.10-05-00-59

 Well, how is everyone doing today (13th July 2017) Thursday, for myself, I had  one of the worst incident yet, on the train. This individual, that chose to stand in from of me with HIS zipper down, had to listen at my voice.

Kept asking him to move, NO, Okay, know I have to stand, especially when we have a women with a child in the same train traveling.

He apologized, zipped up himself, and seat down somewhere.

Project collect from the back of the hospital OP-108 North side, I’am room on the South end.

OP-247 floors are waxed, wow, great job, they were done correctly.

Back Hall painting – OP-253, supposedly this evening according to J. Clemens, business manager for Transition Center.

July 11, 2017 Print     Recall Delinquency List, 5/31/2017 – 7/10/17

Still No word as to when, a carpeted area will come about for the face to face, VSE can be completed.

People, say why do you keep remembering the Pass, well information is present out, and every once in a while I am first to step out.

Then will receive an email of reminder: “considered for the GS-6 level unless you work in all aspects of being a MSA which you are not doing and it has to be in the PACT clinics or Call Center working at the highest level to achieve a GS-6”. New Supervisor Elva Yolanda Minero in board, started training through her Cellphone / one of her Leads.

Completed that HE could stand the warmth of the HEPA systems {never came back} NO TRAINING, for improvement, but can bully through the Report of Contact (R.C.).

May 2015 toward month end, was supposed to have made shore I received the VSE, link in which to start VSE Simulation process, then had to connect with a Ms.

Michelle Osby-Pierce, to get thinks maven.

Now, do you see HOW I am being treated differently as a Disabled worker? Here you have to be in a pocket, in which to be re-educated to fit something that would work.

No, that can’t happen because some are in BIG money, but lose their creative in the area of Disable worker.

The action still show, it is a problem.

Hearing easy

Wheelchair easy, but anything out of easy, becomes not comfortable and time consuming.

Now, on the GREAT note:

For those who are following my journey to 125, closely.

It pays to document, get individual to response, to your questions.

Like I said in my blog a couple of days ago, our President has signed the formal document in which YOU CAN speak up.

I received {Yes, you professional would note, no case #}

Acknowledgement of Disclosure – Case Number: #     #

CWO Operations:

Sent:  Wed 7/12/2017

To:    Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia


Thank you for submitting your disclosure on July 10, 2017. This matter has been assigned case number:  # Please use this case number in any future correspondence.

Your concerns will be reviewed and you will be notified of the disposition of this matter.  Please provide any and all supporting documentation that you may have pertaining to this disclosure.

Your interest in improving the Department of Veterans Affairs is greatly appreciated.


Case Manager


Central Whistleblower Office


Disclosure submission address: vaaccountabilityteam@va.gov

Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection fax: 202-495-5601

Anonymous Toll-Free Disclosure Hotline: 866-4AWONOW (866-429-6669)

It is nice to see our President has place something into the elements / in which to help use that are doing the work required by those above, and preventing them to bully worker from talking.

Second great Note:

Mr Dannenberg, you have a wonderful staffer, from Podiatry,[ Caren Williams], of  Associated Health Pro, Inc AHP . She’s been providing a continual smell to her patients. 1) Customer service: “ how’s everyone doing, she see & then look, ask question, and get a visual on how she’ll be assisting with a wonderful Nail Clipping. Her notes are place in , in a timely matter, but yet she’s never recognized about her SMELL, and warm voice  starts of a wonderful Day.

Point being, I hope in your next rounds of the Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center, you would say hello.

Keep  Smelling.


Worship when your words fail you

Worship when the world fights you

Worship when worry finds you,   From John Gray,

We are still waiting for the O I & (RO1N22LON), 6/22/2017 the facility download the “AEU needs to have new O 365 suite installed to computer EE 122-196.

Engineering Department :  even those with the loss of their Chief / Dustin Thompson, Acting Associated Director for the division, still has not produced a Venting Report in which for the doctor’s to complete their Report into the facility for this disable worker.

Keeping saying None.

Meanwhile, provide them with time for correction/ did not place in the paperwork’s for detailing to Greater Los Angeles Veteran Affairs at this moment.

Been Block, do to my Chief Ava Pamela Womack, email statement. She hasn’t inquired for her Supervisor to do the correct training for disable worker. She is not saying of see my value in what she’s allowing her supervisors and lead present and have me collect on day on campus.

No Grace

Ava Pamela Womack, the Recalls are a helpful reminder to these Veterans, customer service by walking with him, NOT pointing. It still here wear the right shoes, and you’ll be able to strength yourself.

Follow-up with just and simple HUGE from you and your two tired below, could be nice. Not the unhealthy snack, foods supplied.

Finally, I had a personal issue with my person and need to go home.  Returned assignment to North end of the building OP-108, M. Sargent, Lead states do they Know [E. M. & C. J.]. Walked back to OP-247, Elva Yolanda Minero, shows up, trying to show what kind of time is on the book’s, walked out behind her. “Did you place your time in yum, yum.”  Representatives[E. Minero coming down the hall, needles to say asking the same question, you’ve been asked three time to place your time in]  outside waiting to get me to the doctors office.

Eiram55 journey to 125                                                      eiram55. BlogSpot.com

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