14th July    2017

V A Whistle blowers – Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center

CASE # 2017.07.10-05-00-59


In heading over to OP-108 in which to collect project of the Day, notice that cement was being proud in one the Engineering Building.



Collected Jul 11, 2017     Recall Delinquency List, 5/31/17 – 7/10/17 pg 1

Elva Yolanda Minero: Notes “10 pages + 7/14/17, Return by 4:20pm, her initials.

Discovered Health Administration Services, is have E. Minero, be responsible for the Painting in which was going on in the Back Hallway of OP-234. Why, did John Clemens notify Elva Yolanda Minero, this was going on since there are communicating on the Instant Messaging System (IM).

Now, we must follow-up to see who order the room to be painted, or was it asked to direct face to face, person cellphone.

Room OP-247, and it aggression area on this side of the elevator, has their Automated External Defibrillator (AED) locked in a Printer Room.

“I asking Nurse Virginia (Gina) De Ocampo, BSN, RN, and CCM Case Manager if it would be placing outside in the HALLWAY, since your Know Locking the Room. She’ll ask, June Callasan, MSN, RN, CCM Program Manager of Transition and Care Management Service [TCM], but there is one in the EYE clinic, and she believes Mental Health has one. You can always have a nurse we all have KEY’s,

Yum that not comforting, wonderful if were in a full Emergency and someone leave their key on the desk in the office, or better yet, in the middle of a  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, CPR, given breath.

This needs to be place where ALL can see and have access.

Chief Ava Pamela Womack, stated in the pass through Vhalon, to be more customer friendly, but if you missing

-Thought:  First, information exists in the mind of the sender. This can be a concept, idea, information of feelings

-Encoding:  Next, a message is sent to a receiver in words or other symbols.

-Decoding: Lastly, the receiver translated the words or symbols into a concept or information that they can understand.

You see Ava Pamela Womack, Chief of HAS, communication is much more than verbal information transferred between individuals. It is the complete package: body language, proxemics, paralinguistic, and even what is missing in the immediacy of the situation at hand.

I am just saying, whether we mean to or not, we’re always saying something to the people within our auditory or visual field.

I still feel, Ava need to long wooden spoon, herself out, and she would possible see a better customer service, seat beside your clerks, ask question, what would they be able to contribution to their area[ please use the extra cash setting in your division pocket for incentive.

Remember it is, the chain of understanding that integrates the members of an organization from top to bottom, bottom to top and side to side. No trust, why should come into act, and I feel this is why your receiving the feedback of poor customer service from you Veterans.

Some, but not all Sector Chief’s, Supervisor, manager, lead tend to react only when there is and interaction crisis: a problem between colleagues, line personnel and supervisor at odds, or citizen complaints.

Given, the ability of the staff/worker, and high school students to say the right things in the right ways can be the difference between successfully managing through a high stress situation and not lose control of the situation all together. Hope that helps!

This is the Day the Lord has made, Happy Friday everyone!

Eiram55 journey to 125


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