V A Whistleblowers – Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center

CASE # 2017.07.10-05-00-59

How was everyone, weekend.

The hospital, was a very lighting area, with it pretty lights, and comma ness through the hospital.

The weather was warmer, and the Beach was full.

7/14/17 sent out a couple of emails about question that need answers, but still no response of the what I can important ones.

Education Modules 1 & 2, 3 & 4, I believe I signed for them earlier but was instructed on/in carpeted locations.

Our Town Hall Meeting has gone Cooperate America, which means first come first served in which to get involved into the Town Hall Meeting via phone conferencing line, only time, it only holds 30.

You can also, offer your through, frames, creative minds, into a action through the vhalonengagementcommittee@va.gov. Now, how cool is that. I like them, this is the way I have been doing most of meetings. Look who doesn’t have skype, of FreeConference.com connection, save’s time and traffic on the back ends.

This is what we call technology.

The Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center, Federal Labor Relation Authority [ FLRA] has gotten back with me on the OPF, so we’re now waiting face to face or New set-up.

I T Department didn’t response until today:

From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2017 7:54 AM
To: Bayan, Fred <Fred.Bayan@va.gov>; Holmes, Eric (Long Beach) <eric.holmes@va.gov>; Arpon, Henry A <henry.arpon@va.gov>
Cc: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia <MarieSylvia.Bonaparte@va.gov>
Subject: 7/17/17 +6/26/17 +Request R15199293FY17 Closed 7/15/17 follow-up need


Mr. Eric Holmes & Henry A Arpon

I T would seem, my computer will be updated, as the system select’s it order.


Is there an update as to when O 365, software will be applied to  EE 122 196. Examinations Room OP-247, second floor, located at Transition Center.

Ms. Sylvia Bonaparte

From:       Arpon , Henry A                                                                                    Sent: Mon 7/17/17  10:26 AM

To:           Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia; Bayan, Fred; Holmes, Eric (Long Beach)


Subject:  RE: 7/17/17 + 6/26/17 + Request R15199293 FY17 Closed 7/15/17 follow – up need

Sorry, I don’t have the schedule of when a specific PC will get the update.  You’ll get it eventually.

Well we do know that ALL the medical department O 362 computers are updated, but it would seem the insertion in the case.

OP-267, staff member’s along with Companion & Pension team a apparently did have enough to do.

The chemical, linger out side of OP-247 loud, and strong.

Returned the assignment into the Hands of C. Johnson-Barrymen..

Eiram55 journey to 125


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