V A Long Beach “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center.

The ground are wonderful and quiet, without all the movements and lingers of scene wondering through these Hallway’s.

Family member looking for they love one, customer Service [walking them] to the right area’s and locations.

While some of the departments are calling in the professional from other sources in which to move us forward.

It will be wonderful / to watch what the executives orders will come up with.

The Long Beach VA still needs individuals to come at the frontline in which, to place their piece of the puzzle’s about to happen there at the Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center.

Their is a Large need for smiles again, energy and educational skill to present to the disable, and small career workers underneath the feet’s of the BULLY Executives, no longer enjoying the moments of ours.

While we are learning the new that even though we are assisting our veteran’s with reclining career and life, we must follow-up with the one;

having difficulty in using or understanding a URL / link’s / or even researching in the Bar Tab.

This is where the educational department staff needs to be notified to come up with something. While it would give the I T Department to come along

Below is a couple of LINK’s from the pass and a Letter I sent to the White House…

If their is anyone who has suggestion on how, where, when we can come up with some new idea’s for the creative mission’s of the Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center …Cooperation / States/ and clues are All welcome.

Everyone enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. Marie Sylvia Ann Bonaparte

Tibor Rubin Medical Center

building 126 A, OP-247 2nd floor Southwest side

5901 East 7th Street

Long Beach, CA    90822


  1. O Box 672

Long Beach, CA   90801-0672




Washington, DC


January 26, 2017


Dear Mr. President Trump


You are a high energy individual, I can learn from you. I been looking at your front page of employee and you need help.

I can give you the creative thoughts that you can inter wave with what you’re already trying to do. So far I believe what you’ve planned is great.

I know different people have different idea and creatives that you have not conceded, but I am a Medical Staff Assistant here with the Long Beach VA. I do my works in a quiet location do to a medical

Disability inhabited while working here.

In the pass I worked the Critical Care Unit (CCU), direct observe Unit (DOU), Spinal Cord injury (SCU),

And Surgery wards.

While, in CCU, I educated our teens through the steep/ step government program, watch has been deled. Then when computer became continual upgrading on evening shift, I created the Code Purple Manuel, to assist the nurses so they could document cares of their patient.

When Major Gregory S. Ulma, went into battle in Afghanis and Iraqi, I headed the care packages, and their farewell parties going and coming for his company.

Now, it’s about the money coming in at the first of the years, getting researches started for the cash wallet. Why can’t that money be use for robots for patients and staff members at homes to communicate, webinar, to follow-up on what being missed or lost?

Sir, i thinks we lost all connect in the Long Beach VA system when the educator left. Sir, the education from back then were fun because they knew their craft, but now the powerhouse employees who enjoyed that sort of things left, the “Tibor Robin” VA long beach went down the hill.

I have been told by Ava Pamela Womack’s over and over again, that I don’t work at  the compactly of a Call Center Agent., Yes, I wear  the respirator I on my face and have a loud HEPA system in the room drives people crazy therefore, there’s no creative mind skill to retrain.

Your new people being thrown into Supervisor, Manager, and Lead position for more money and just the title are following individual who are not quiet show of what it is they are to do. Therefore, people are stumbling left and right.

Mr. Trump, good example of this is I have been assisted yet another supervisor number nine and counting. She collected a task from another department in not knowing what all it in titled. Then when stated to her I had already received the educational instruction, I looked up and she goes running to the Chief to inform her I was rude. I saw it this way first she was unshorn of self, secondly she had just started the supervisor position five months after witnessing the other supervisor injury my wrist.


The assessment of the overall hospital, after changing Director over and over, Supervisor over and over,

And management over and over, the employee’s such as myself should be able to speak to the new top executive coming in for our opinion, but it never happens because after damage we know longer matter.

Yours Faithfully

Ms. Marie Sylvia Ann Bonaparte

This letter is to reach out to you for a position.

2nd letter to the President of United State

Looking into the basic of how the Veterans Administration was started

In remembering the second consolidation of federal Veterans programs took place July 21, 1930, when President Herbert Hoover signed Executive Order 5398 and elevated the Veterans Bureau to a federal administration—creating the Veterans Administration—to “consolidate and coordinate Government activities affecting war veterans.”

Answer: Not at the Long Beach VA “Tibor Rubin”     ++++++

Since 2010 thereof, the Long Beach System has been through All kind of changes from top to bottom in the Administration.

Individual were left in position of Sector Chief’s, Supervisor, Manager, that were not quite up to the task, buddy mentoring is defiantly needed for at least six months or better.

We need people; in Administration to open their doors through the period of time where you can emotional have confidence in approaching them. It doesn’t matter how many Town hall Meeting you have both online and in the Egg, if it can’t be live stream for ALL. Then Especially the disabled that is not able to attend.

Employee’s in the side clinic’s Transition Center / Companion & Pension/ Key shops, just to name a link, seat for eight hours for FREE

The education / training / and mentorship is gone. It went out the door with the Ones Who Cared about individual and made the environment a happy place to work.

Stop the Administration Sessional Employee’s from feeding the PTSD, pain pills taken military worker, the gossip going around the facility.

Note the military employee’s in better assisting them through society’s transition in the work place.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is responsible for providing vital services to America’s veterans. VA provides health care services, benefits programs and access to national cemeteries to former military personnel and their dependents

Answers: Not the Vision twenty two Region.         +++++++++

Triaging of the LBVA / “Tibor Rubin” is greatly needed into the minds of New Directorship. The bottom line is  people below Administration matter. We have individual employee who can speak up about the remolding Not Only the building, but the spiritual,  energy on the inside. You just don’t feel  this like Olden Days.

The Long Beach VA needs to go back to basic, were training is from the Hearts, with NO UNDER HANDED WORK’s. Where you come out of your mentoring/ training/ and education from people with the passion of the old history into  present technology.

Call Center, should have all the instructional need for all part of the facility sense they are responsible for department calls, especially that the LBVA is offering veteran walking clinic, as long as all paperwork is into our system.

This would, introduce more active into our business office and give possible a better oiled machine [flow in Veteran’s Care].

Now, when individual leave for retirement / relaxation/ and peace, why no one chose to leave any of these creativeness behind to the people in position. Example, in the Call Center, if you were a lead L. L J4, you had all menu in which  to run the call center effetely during the absent of an Administration. Now, like in my case as analysis the Lead can’t even print or copy the clinic out for assignments.

Some emails and phone messages need attention quickly. You tell employee’s to report to the door at 08:00hr [they are early by five minutes] and you mark at the Top of Sheet ten, fifteen, twenty minutes later.

As a result, supervisor stumps off to your chief complete your not on time. The way to solve this is to print the day before. HELLO.

The following year Congress created the Veterans Administration by uniting three bureaus — the previously independent Veterans’ Bureau, the Bureau of Pensions and the National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers. President Hoover signed the executive order establishing the VA on July 21, 1930.

Answers: EEOC does poor job here, especially with the seasonal employee’s future through LBVA and others    ++++++++++


After have more than a couple of Supervisor and Manager in capable of understanding, the organization created a buddy program of people who’d like a mentorship into the position their forcing. I do not think  another Applications are  in a comfortable position where they feel safe in Asking for a Bubby partner to help improve / sharping/ the saw’s / skills/ of the individual’s.

On the Wards the New nurses should not be allowed  by themselves unless they are secured with the computer entries/ ; what is expected [mission] under

the Veteran’s Bureau’s  in there need of sickness.

Have specialty training for emergency room staff to shower / whirlpool the solider .


Provide a site area where their clothes could be washed like some city fire department and or community give.

For those who chose to use the facility in which for the homeless to clean up, will assist in providing a job for some [take care of each other, of sorts].

Like in the Call Center the cord of the facility / hospital/ and institutions.

Yet, another new Supervisor on board still asking, a sector chief for director when clearly they are not doing research on position to bring live creative onto the sense.

Nothing is on site [hours / split hours], to cover the solider who are up early. Nothing is in place so the environment isn’t feeling like your entering  a COFFIN – music has always provide great creative for all.

For Our Presidents / Congress

+ Well one thing that will need to happen underneath this umbrella, is Chief, Sector Chief ,Supervisor, Manager and Administration are reachable, not at the  Nail Shop, Grocer stores, and picking up kids.

+ Let all staff / employee’s in on the facts of organization on board to help with question, VHALON engagement committee @LBVA; more.

+ Bring education / material / information to the area in which we work [like the flu shot Months].

+ Since, everyone work with computer, in force more often break, because the long people seat -PAIN- start at the lower back side area.

+ Assist the seasonal employee’s with their new degree of school to be conversational with improvement around the facilities

+ The whist blowers Act need to be in force when government at the President [commending and chief] back is turned.

+ I t department need a total over hall all though the Government Agency. The employee’s in place and coming into the technical union, are not understanding the importance of All certificate in setting up system need to be completed so there are no future issues with the menu’s /links/ printer/ R D ram’s.

+ You have individual at business / assistant administration level over stepping there authority by holding people information for scanned service to be move forward, and making worker look incompetent.

+ Telephone’s / Communications / need’s help where you have the capability of reaching all in the government agencies.

Eiram55 journey to 125                       eiram55.blogspot.com

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