Happy Day: everyone.

Wednesday [26th July 2017], they had their Town’s Hall Meeting, with who so every could attend, now will have to wait, until the Link is uploaded in which to look over.

Our EOPF, is down, so therefore I couldn’t go through the files.  While apparently we can- not use another facility in which to view files.

In All the Labor Relations Specialist I had to deal with seem to understand their Jobs, Esther, FLRA; L. Richardson, Lead H. R. Assistant

I don’t understand why the operational flow of the facility STOP when an individual is gone from desk or site. We defiantly need more cross training, within the division.

Patient, ended up in the Human Resources Department, asking for direction on /or where is the Dental Department. Customer Services was that of the building next door then pointed to a map, and the veteran walk off.

Sometimes, it would be a wonderful to extend out yourself by walking with the veterans, a family member, and visitors.

Me, since we are under so much construction and the design of the campus has changed Great, the worker should have walk him to the area, or call Escort Service.

A good example of this is when, wait for the Labor Relations girl to come and communicate with me, notice employee tenseness about receiving access to something in which would possible make her job a little easier.

Then, notice worker [RN] tenseness and trying to keep his cool about some paper’s work he had

Place in and was have difficulty in finding out the results.

Before we Signature off Today, I just want to remind those that have graduated, seeking, there going to be a Job Fair of possible over 800 people. Bring large amounts of Water and snacks, so you can stay force as well.

In looking around the facility their setting up account able boards, in which the public / Staff can keep them accountable.  These are normal great because every successful cooperation / governmental offices use them.

Eiram55 journey to 125


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