V A Whistleblowers – Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center

CASE # 2017.07.10-05-00-59

Ms. Brenda, Case Manager

Central Whistleblower Office

I have included you in an email of proof of corresponded between myself and this Administration about I being detailed to West LA Veteran Administration do to Medical Hardship [“Jeffrey Robert Arcaro, assistant chief has].

We have all be going back an forth, since then I received a second degree burn from something falling / coming out of the ceiling.

Yes, they did an Air check, but they didn’t do the swabbing the doctors requested.


Mr. Bachman, E. Minero has informed me you would like for the Door to be let open during my tour of duty for a better circulation of AIR FLOW.

She also, stated, about the pass Carpets, and the fact of the crocheted blanket on my fabric chair which I keep covered in plastic. I explain to you I am response for changing the plastic every month, been doing it  for years.

Sir, how will that help, with the traffic of patient with the service dogs, perfumes, colognes, and other chemical being used between patient examination.

James, with the  continuing  renovation to the OLD ER & South entry Lobby, just underneath me. I have asked Ely, my LRAC to seek another location to work.

I have given you a copy of Dr. G Lohiya MD (Toxicologist) finding. I did not get your thoughts on the letter of documentation.

How soon will detailing & swab cleaning on and around the Venting system in OP-247 happening (could you please schedule on a Wednesday or Week-end).

When, the Corporation Present you with the copy of the Air Quality finding would I need to seek , Troy Evans2 ( privacy office of LBVA) or can you provide me with a copy.

If so when can I expect the report to been copied / scanned/ or mail for me.

Thanks   Sylvia Bonaparte

From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2017 2:12 PM To: Bachman, James M (Long Beach); Arcaro, Jeffrey Cc: Quesenberry, Ely; Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia; Scott, William Subject: RE: Air Quality Test in Bldg 126a


Gentlemen, do noted, with bells on.

Ms. Marie Sylvia Ann Bonaparte

From: Bachman, James M (Long Beach) Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2017 2:06 PM To: Quesenberry, Ely; Scott, William Cc: Arcaro, Jeffrey; Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Subject: RE: Air Quality Test in Bldg 126a


I would like to arrange for an Indoor Air Quality survey to be conducted at OP-247 on Thursday, February 9 at 9:30 AM.  It will take 1-2 hours.  By copy of this e-mail, I would like Sylvia to confirm that she will be available at that date and time.

Jim Bachman

Acting Safety Chief


From: Quesenberry, Ely Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2017 12:27 PM To: Scott, William; Bachman, James M (Long Beach) Cc: Arcaro, Jeffrey Subject: Air Quality Test in Bldg 126a Importance: High

Good Afternoon Jim/William,

Can you please perform an air quality test in building 126a (2nd floor)?  The specific office area is in and around Room OP-247.   The employee who occupies Room OP-247 is Sylvia Bonaparte.   Please coordinate with Ms. Bonaparte so that she can be present and provide access to her office area.  Let me know if you need anything from me.

As an FYI, please let us know when this can be scheduled.  Thank you very much for your assistance.



Ely Quesenberry  MBA, MS

Employee/Labor Relations

HR Specialist

Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center

5901 East 7th Street  Bldg. 165  Rm. C115

Long Beach, CA  90822

Vm: (562) 826-8000  x2910

While, Ms Brenda – you can see I have been sending the information this hospital needed but they keep using the excuse that we are in the middle of changes, Your Director are in Cleveland,[VA], your supervisor is to find you a non-carpeted room so you can work a Full levels.

Ms. This all STOP do to the inability for them to NOT wear perfumes /colognes/ and lotions with smells.

The doctors informed HR [E. Quesentberry] this and he in returned passed it on to Ava Pamela Womack, Chief, and Jeffery Robert Arcaro, Assist Chief. Yes, they chose a room on the first floor, the women was wear perfume so strong you would have believed she was a homeless person, trying to cover up non showering.

When the search begin my team and I found and asked the correct questions as you will see in the memo below:

Case # 2016 14694                                                                                                      V A FORM 08 – 10192

Department of Veterans Affairs

Office of Resolution Management (08)



Attn:   Counselor Team Leader

Email Address


Ms. Marie Sylvia Ann Bonaparte

Best time:   after       4:30pm PST                             email: sbfreedomtrvl@yahoo.com

Medical Staff Assistant                         Employee

Type of Employment / VA org                       Hybrid  38       total work hour 72hr (FMLA)


Senior Executive Service (SES)         Are You a SES   NO   / Are You Filing Against a SES Yes

Description of Issue (s)/ Claim(s):


current work location is poorly accommodating: doctor have sent letters after letters in which to place on 3-11 shift or 11-7 underneath LARC since 2007 start and 2014 entry into LBVA systems.

LBVA is unable to accommodate:

The service has no other offices available that are non-carpeted to accommodate the employee’s. SES- response Jeffrey Arcaro, Assistant Chief to Ava Pamela Womack, the actual Chief. “The LBVA Agency is not able to control exposure [while on the Day shift]to Allergens and various odors and service animals”.

I T Department don’t have the ability in which to keep telephone system up and running – for the retraining of Sylvia Bonaparte. There telephone Agent Training has stop.

When need ER upload, I must conduct the task in IT on Fully Carpeted area [highly allergic}

Document in All employee records NO CARPETS.MEDICALLY DOCUMENT /

Employee’s in the Call Center which- Full Carpeted– I am assigned state they are uncomfortable in the disability Environment which the training is need. { 10/24/16, underneath yet another supervisor # 9}, they are changed every seven to twelve month time. Therefore, keeping a large amount of confuse amongst LARC / labor relation / and human resources.

Human Recourses- Full carpeted

Have asked repeatedly to be moved from 2nd floor, building 126 a, due to the increase patient loads/ and traffic in which location.

When there are issues with health I must provide on emergency exit / with No assist from the SES in which I services underneath

Employee health – Full Carpeted

After, my return for work, back in August the Supervisor (ory) over seeing the payroll entry into VistA,

Seem to have something always wrong with the paycheck which causes late money and confusion.

Discrimination Factors (Basis(es)


Felicity Gonzalez, MPH< RN Case Manager     562- 826- 8000

She which has a condition she must be FREE from light’s and to keep door’s close from sound and elements is granted.

Christopher Pagal, Transitional Patient Advocate (TPA) Allergy and other body sensitive’s and is

Granted what is need, while working on days.

Responding Management Official 9s) (RMO)

Gisele Arlen Payne (Battle)                 562-826-8000,,2 3640   — Sector Chief

Ava Pamela Womack                           562-826-8000,,2 3540 — HAS Chief

Jeffrey Arcaro                                       562-826-8000,,2 3540 — HAS, Assistant Chief

Ely Quesenberry                                 562-826-8000,,2 2910 — Employees/ Labor Relations/ LARC

Herbert Moisa                                                                               — Assistant to the Chief of HR /Labor Relations Department / legal counsel [contact H R front desk].


RESOLUTION- What are you seeking as a resolution to your pre-complaint?

Since the Long Beach Veteran Affairs, clearly is unable to fit the accommodation I am asking / requesting to be detail to another facility [greater Los Angeles VA has the means]


Ms. Marie Sylvia Ann Bonaparte

Medical Staff Assistant / Analysis

Health Administration Service (HAS)

VA Healthcare System

If submitting everything to the corrected division, the doctors and myself are still waiting for a vent report, with swabbing.

I understand by law Human Resource took over my medical reports do to gossip amounts the medical staffing in employee health, so many have left.

Human Resources, has all the documentation they need, and the doctors keep sending, but I am still being use as the Petri Dash until this hospital can fix things.

2016, supervisor hurt my wrist with door

2017, chief ava Pamela Womack a provide me going to the ER, [ Reports disappeared], but I made them [ER] give copies before leaving locations.

2007, I was placed underneath the Accommodation Program do to I becoming more and more ill due to carpets /service dogs / colognes & perfumes.

The hospital safe and environmental team, found the location of CCU, because it gives me a bathroom at the nursing station, and provided wonderful skills for me to use, while staying healthy, and calling in less on sick leave.


The executive nurse at the time, assisted in measure before retirement but the new people were not told therefore. Issues keep coming up, [ we don’t know anything about this/ HR didn’t tell use} and around an around.

Again, as before, for additional updates and information of torture.

Eiram55 journey to 125


Google.com / Marie Sylvia Ann Bonaparte



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