August 21st 2017       Monday,

Accountable Whistleblowers, Washington has received documents.


Case # 2017.7.10-05-00-59


11:30 AM EST, VAACCOUNTABILITY team received the information need.


07:52hr, present documents of decision into W. C. Dannenberg, Office, Amy Canter, with a visual.

While, having the directors’ secretary signed she received.

08:01hr, according to agent, answering the door, project is not ready ” E. Minero, will bring to you.”

08:13hr, called E. Minero, task is printing, okay on my way.

08:17hr, at OP-108, the assignments is still not ready, do to E. Minero placing all this writing towards the TOP of each pages, with her signature.


Disappointing response from a Supervisor [E. Y. Minero]

Just outside her work location is an elderly veteran let by transport, for his weekly hair cut.

It was after 8:00am, and their was still no Barba, in which for him to get a hair – cut.

As, E. Minero, if she could call, Toni’s cellphone, maybe she’s in route.

No, it said, closed [as her points to the sign]. Poor customer service, pam Womack has been getting on her clerk’s about.


No, one’s out..



EEOC            EEOC


From: De Masters, Susan D                                                                      2/5/2016

To:     Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia; Collazo, jose (ORM); Woods-Hurd, Lynne (ORM)




Per our conversation a few minutes, ago, Vickye retired in Dec 2015

This is what I have as to the status of your case 200P-0600-2016100650:

11/09/2015 – Initial contact with ORM

Date unknown – issued a notice of right to file

01/04/2016 – Withdrawal – no formal complaint filed

Please contact Mr. Collazo or Ms. Woods – Hurd to discuss your concerns as to the status of the paperwork that you

stated to me was sent to Wilshire Blvd in Washington, D. C. If you have the FEDEX receipt, you might want to provide the

info to them as to where it was sent, what date it was received and who received it.

Have a great weekend lady!


Susan D. DeMasters

EEO/ADR Program Manager


–We then had to call / connect with the lead intake person Ms. Lynne Woods-Hurd, Lead EEO Counselor, Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Resolution Management.

She then in my behalf, collected the receipt in which documents arrived in Washington D. C., Later

shows the EEOC courts LBVA / EEOC response, to discover case, has been moved out of the state of California.

–Pass mediation, were not successful at the Long Beach “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center, still uses her counseling.

–11 August –2017@13:30hr, the hibernation begin with the Supervisor, Supervisory,

–14 August –2017 thru 18th — August –2017 had to flow


“We need to start believing It’s okay to have less stress”


Because only one father is in control of what happens on earth and in our lives.


I find this division of individual don’t assist / help / or service to have things done in your honor.


From:     DeMasters, Susan D                                                         Sent:  Fri 12/20/2013     2:39 PM

To:         Bonaparte, Sylvia M A

Cc:         Cascalla, Hector; Wells, Terry L


Subject:              Prescription   11/27/2013


We are trying to understand the reason for the prescription that you brought in and what you are asking the facility to do.

The prescription I am referring to is from the Royal Medical Group dated 11/27/2013 and as we have

had no medical information from them in the past regarding you, the assumption is that they are new

doctors for you.


The prescription providers for two items:


1      Respirator FIT Test:

You have been prescribed a mask by your personal doctor and have just recently

provided a note from your doctor to increase the time usage.  That usage is still

unclear to us.


Question: What are you asking the facility to do?

2      Industrial hygiene environmental monitoring:

Please provide this follow-up information as soon as possible so we can understand what you are





Susan D. DeMasters, SPHR-CA

EEO /ADR Program Manager

Long Beach Health Care System

5901 E. 7th Street, Long Beach, CA    9022


Bonaparte, Sylvia M A

Sent:   Fri 12/20/2013     3:47 PM

To:   DeMasters, Susan D


RE:  Prescription   11/27/2013


See Attachments


Sylvia Bonaparte



From:    DeMasters, Susan D

Sent:     Fri  12/20/2013  3:30  PM

To:        Bonaparte, Sylvia M A


Subject:   RE:  Prescription    11/27/2013




I don’t know what that means?


Susan D. DeMasters, SPHR-CA

EEO / ADR Program Manager

Long Beach Health Care System

5901 E. 7th Street, Long Beach, CA    90822


Then, nothing was really accomplished because up grade was going on., and through the VA systems.

Point is after three additional years into the present, and the changes of Acting Director, and now new

director, thing are at a stand.


13:30hr, Ava Pamela Womack, HAS chief present the same documents as W. C. Dannenberg, director

of the Long Beach “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center


Representatives:  on watch..


Place the assignments into C. Johnson-Barryman, OP-108, north end of campus.


Eiram55 journey to 125 / Marie Sylvia Ann Bonaparte

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