V A Whistleblowers – Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center

CASE # 2017.7.10-05-00-59 

How, is everyone doing on this find day?

Hang in there, I will be back on a more regular bases, there were some summer classes I wanted to complete, on my own accord.

Another word, to keep up with what our future generation will have to continue with in our aging baby booming generation.

Went to OP-108 north end of the facility in which to collect assignment (@07:59hr), an agent, and training another over some issues have with VISIA, thereof.

In E. Y. Minero, present my assignment Noted at the Top 8:05 AM, when I had already been standing outside the door since 07:59hr.

Today , questionable ,assistance is beginning in which to place the Long Beach VA”aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center back to what it was then.

Cross training

Notice from a Chief:

 REASSIGNMENTS                           VHALON HAS MSA STAFF                                   10:14 AM

We are in the process of evaluating our staffing.  HR met with us and there may be an issue with GS-5 and GS-6 staff working in the same clinics so we may be moving some staff around to align everyone in the correct positions.  Also, some work areas do not have enough workload to justify a full-time MSA so that has been also taken into consideration.

Since we did not get enough volunteers for the GS-6 MSA Floater pool, we will also be assigning some staff there.

We will be giving everyone a 30-day notice as required by Union guidelines when we make the change.

If you have a request or desire to work in another clinic area or are a GS-6 and are interested in the floater positions, please let me know.

In addition, within the next week, I hope to be announcing the GS-6 Adv MSA position internal to HAS only to give those an opportunity to see if they qualify for the GS-6.

Thank you.      PAM WOMACK, Chief, HAS

Assistance’s in helping other area and clinic’s throughout the BIG beautiful place.

I didn’t see anywhere, were a work shop could come about for the clerks/ wards clerks / Medical Support Assist, can expand themselves such as:

Clerks need, the Evac classes, and to understand the different color sheets.

Understand, the Orange book located in your areas, as well as the BIG Orange cabinets you see around the facilities on the floors.

Have your “adult and pediatric First Aid/ CPR/automated external defibrillator { AED} completed

While, the  ones, in the tower, should know where their elevator keys are located [especially for the fire departments if they need to get up in your area before trouble].

Housekeeper should be keeping the stairs ways clean enough: safe for a successful evacuation.

A ward Medical Support Assistant, should have the ability to:


If nurse is to busy, grab a supply need to complete patient care.

In the Critical Care Unit, Direct Observances Units, and Holler Monitor Union, be able to just bleed out I V lines to readiness [back in the day’s ALL clerk new this simple task to assist Nursing Staff on ward].

Assist the charge nurse in helping her nurse stay on top during busy nurse  orders, by going to >Report>Daily order summary>, and just left date –time- name of person written order[ well if you notice above, {…} of the person in which signed off that the order were completed.

THIS CAN BE FOLLOWED THROUGH THE FACILITY FOR OUR CLERKS (learn by my pass medical chief). An apparently, this is a concern of the doctors in which write the orders to be followed through, nurse become to busy.

Lab: please after 10 min’s of busyness, take them down the Lab, instead of waiting for them to be collected by the runner [step up to the plate yourself].

The other thing you can do if ALL bugs break on in your area and can’t leave, CALL YOUR Volunteers Services, this is what there for.

Clerks, comfortableness’:

This is because you’re not standing up a “Stretch”; here is an APP which will help. Sworkit. Set this to your cellphone to get up. The backside need blood circling, {please ask your doctors, before doing an exercise program sir jested}. When the blood is floating all the way to the brain, you’ll be surprise on how much better you feel.

Just remember how you were in college, when you could think, you’re up, to change the environment, run, walk, eat, shower, whatever you had to do in which to refresh, your thought process.

It will, lessen you pain to the back, bottom, hips, knees and ankles of sorts.

We are servants to our Veteran’s, not fashion modes, or individual seekers.

Eiram55 journey to 125


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