CASE # 2017.7.10-05-00-59

August 24th 2017                                Thursday

Look at the greatness, in which the facility has notify worker, they can get accomplished. Now, that the information is here, how, where, and when can someone assist us in getting the correct materials to follow through.

  • VHA employees have access to nearly 6,000 virtual learning programs and products. In addition, VHA offers 18 national and 2 state accreditations or approvals for continuing education.

We the people / veteran / employee’s – worker, do have the information around use, but you are not allowed to let manager, supervisor to know.

Then, jealousness, hate rated, and bullies crimps, in to destroy the dream. Their mission state in some areas and locations possible, but does anyone really care.

No, it about Rush, Rush, Rush, and then in slowing down would need to have clear pieces of which it is your trying to do. Just because you ask someone to do something, shouldn’t you explain how this is going to ……. The individuals with the pieces can also, start this frame journey task, project, and finally product so they feel their effort of creatives.

This is Customer Service behind, Presidents, Vice’s, Chief, Managers, and Supervisor.

The lower one in chain of command are the mouth, not the President’s, Vice’s and their right hands.

You gave the people working underneath you confidence in this format.

Then, works side by side with them build trust and happiness, not attitudes [I can’t get my hands dirty].

Finally, returned the task [16:31hr} in OP-108 into the hands of E. Y. Minero

Leaving as visual, 11th floor legal counsel.

Housekeepers, waiting to bug spray Call Center, after workers leave.

August 25, 2017                                   Friday

Called Administration with message, trains are not coming out of the tunnels, therefore late 07:10hr.

08:40hr, a veteran needed assistant in finding, the billing department in which to help with payments, walked into the Cashier department to assist with the correct information.

09:00hr, collected project of the day from E. Y. Minero, and stated will place in my time (before 10:00AM), for certification.  In returning to examinations room OP-247, notice the gentlemen solider was receiving this clear direction on where he is to go, for completion.

The WEEK assignment was 7/30/17- 8/21/17.

Wanted to listen to the Secretaries of Veteran Affairs speech on what the President had signed on Wednesday.  I found most video were not working correctly.

We have low census on the clinical areas a usual today Friday. The Veteran’s administration need to put into place, Medical Staff Assistant (MSA), & Medical Support Assistant (MSA) to work and cross train in other locations and then Friday come and it became slow or the clinic are completed, GO Home on the credited time you have collected on when your helped in other location.

Here at the Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center did back in the day.  These having the ability in which to go into another work area keeps the mind floating with interest for your future endorses in your career.

Then take the skill, knowledge, and training to use with the Volunteer’s / High School kids – Children- something, that can be proud of and have a conversation at the Dinner tables, with their parents.

Look at this in a form of Leftover’s, you had been forgotten and now is ready to help others (through customer services), through your personal know how.

Task: E. Y. Minero, C. Johnson-Barry man, home early.

 Eiram55 journey to 125 / Marie Sylvia Ann Bonaparte

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