E I R A M 55 journey to 125

18 the 2017                            Tuesday

V A Whistleblowers – Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center

CASE # 2017.07.10-05-00-59

We walked into the North end of the facility in which to collect the project of the Day, with the Print for 11 July 2017        Recall Delinquency List, 5/31/17 – 7/10/17      Page    1

Presented, by M. Sargent                         Returned in the hands of:

Written in RED 20 pages give 7 18 17     P/u= pick up at 8:00

The engineering department informs me that everyone that could move OP-247 desk is on vacation, Albert is now been place in the Material division and will no longer be turning desk. The supervisors know individual move and have their room change and clean themselves. Your supervisor has given you the wrong information. Call Mr. Parmmar, he’ll get it done, and then notify the Sector Chief G. Payne & Ava Pamela Womack. WOW. These are the Chief allowing them not to tell and give Supervisor the correct information, it’s just a Desk. “Brenda,  Brenda what you think of this!”

Some people don’t have enough to do, just afternoon. 14:57hr, the chemical started the guy /gentlemen at the Hallway of OP-247. Then, Walks away pretending into have conversation, as his ahead toward the glass venter area. C & P printing room has a staff member place an object into the draw of a Desk. [Also,, underneath a special key system as Transition Center].

Why, would you deniability spray something in a Hallway / or in a location know an employee is sensitive to the product in which your using.   Thereof, we know increase the chemical of choice, doors open and there comes the John Clemens, police Transition Staff to make should the Air is clear, I am guess before I exit OP-247.

19th   July   2017

Will this is quite a discovery, all the computer’s do have the New 0 365 installed to the computers – all is Right just the one in OP-247, computer 122 196 has been blocked / from total upload.

20th   July     2017

Collected printed task of the Day. Print 17th July Monday – 22pages an additional presented

Send out the appropriated waiting emails. As thought, Fred’s, out, C. Johnson-Barry man out, and more therefore unable to completion on tools required.

I T department is not able to assist or just don’t want in be involved email.:

RE: 7/20/17 + 7/17/17 + 6/26/17 + Request R15199293 FY17 Closed 7/15/17 follow-up need

Michalowski, Cheryl F

Sent:     Thu 7/20/2017 12:53 PM

To:         Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia; Bayan, Fred; Thompson, Dustin; Holmes, Eric (Long Beach)

Cc:       VHALON Engagement Committee

Call the Help Desk to explain this message and one of them will assist you instead of emailing us. Thanks.


Cheryl Michalowski

I.T. Specialist


P Recycling is the LAW!


From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 12:47 PM To: Michalowski, Cheryl F <cheryl.michalowski@va.gov>; Bayan, Fred <Fred.Bayan@va.gov>; Thompson, Dustin T <Dustin.Thompson3@va.gov>; Holmes, Eric (Long Beach) <eric.holmes@va.gov> Cc: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia <MarieSylvia.Bonaparte@va.gov>; VHALON Engagement Committee <VHALONEngagementCommittee@va.gov> Subject: RE: 7/20/17+ 7/17/17 +6/26/17 +Request R15199293FY17 Closed 7/15/17 follow-up need




There has already, been one # Request R15199293FY17 Closed.

Our, Mr. Henry Arpon, closeted it before upload all of software.

Check his response email be low, while I am still being told, it is a task that can be completed by your computer Menus, is this true.


Finally, do you need for me to call and use same number or obtain a New one.


Sylvia Bonaparte


From: Michalowski, Cheryl F Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 8:59 AM To: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia; Bayan, Fred; Holmes, Eric (Long Beach) Cc: VHALON Engagement Committee Subject: RE: 7/20/17+ 7/17/17 +6/26/17 +Request R15199293FY17 Closed 7/15/17 follow-up need


Please call the Help Desk to get a new WO. Sent with Good (www.good.com) —–Original Message—– From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 10:48 AM Central Standard Time To: Bayan, Fred; Michalowski, Cheryl F; Holmes, Eric (Long Beach) Cc: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia; VHALON Engagement Committee Subject: 7/20/17+ 7/17/17 +6/26/17 +Request R15199293FY17 Closed 7/15/17 follow-up need



In the discover of using computers, I have notice the O 365, software works wonderfully, is it okay for Chief, rodney.sagmit@va.gov.,

To assist you with this matter, or his Son.

What is the real delay, of Computer 122 196 it is still requested  projects on a daily tour of duty.

Therefore, Skype [I M} is set with passed information[ Sylvia.bonparte@va.gov] of  Critical Care Unit (CCU), under medical wards, so this would need to  be worked as well back into HAS {mariesylvia.bonparte@va.gov}


I am asking the engagement committee for re-direction on this matter.

Mr.R. Sagmit, Chief of I T.


Ms. Sylvia Bonaparte



From: Arpon, Henry A Sent: Monday, July 17, 2017 10:26 AM To: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia <MarieSylvia.Bonaparte@va.gov>; Bayan, Fred <Fred.Bayan@va.gov>; Holmes, Eric (Long Beach) <eric.holmes@va.gov> Subject: RE: 7/17/17 +6/26/17 +Request R15199293FY17 Closed 7/15/17 follow-up need


Sorry,I don’t have the schedule of when a specific PC will get the update. You’ll get it eventually.


From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Sent: Monday, July 17, 2017 7:54 AM To: Bayan, Fred <Fred.Bayan@va.gov>; Holmes, Eric (Long Beach) <eric.holmes@va.gov>; Arpon, Henry A <henry.arpon@va.gov> Cc: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia <MarieSylvia.Bonaparte@va.gov> Subject: 7/17/17 +6/26/17 +Request R15199293FY17 Closed 7/15/17 follow-up need




Mr. Eric Holmes &  Henry A Arpon


I T would seem, my computer will be updated, as the system select’s it order.


Is there an update as to when O 365, software will be applied to  EE 122 196. Examinations Room OP-247, second floor, located at Transition Center.


Ms. Sylvia Bonaparte



From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Sent: Monday, June 26, 2017 8:45 AM To: Arpon, Henry A Cc: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Subject: Request R15199293FY17 Closed




You are a diamond/ looking forward to  its’ arrival.



  1. Bonaparte


From: Arpon, Henry A Sent: Monday, June 26, 2017 8:06 AM To: Holmes, Eric (Long Beach); Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Subject: RE: Request R15199293FY17 Closed



O365 is being pushed out to PCs on a schedule. There’s no need to request it ahead of the schedule if your system hasn’t received it yet. The Vista upgrade is being pushed out separately from O365 and is not connected to it. Your PC will get upgraded eventually.


From: Holmes, Eric (Long Beach) Sent: Monday, June 26, 2017 7:57 AM To: Arpon, Henry A <henry.arpon@va.gov> Subject: FW: Request R15199293FY17 Closed


Closed by: Arpon, Henry A



From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Sent: Monday, June 26, 2017 7:55 AM To: Bayan, Fred <Fred.Bayan@va.gov>; Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia <MarieSylvia.Bonaparte@va.gov>; Michalowski, Cheryl F <cheryl.michalowski@va.gov> Cc: Holmes, Eric (Long Beach) <eric.holmes@va.gov> Subject: Request R15199293FY17 Closed




I am following up on this matter.

The Outlook (O 365) was not connected is there a reason as to WHY.

So, you have decided OP-247 will not be receiving the New 0 365 system for Outlook & Skype I M



Sylvia Bonaparte


From: NSD System Notification [mailto:noreply@nsd.va.gov] Sent: Friday, June 23, 2017 3:29 PM To: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Subject: Request R15199293FY17 Closed


Request R15199293FY17 Closed. Requester: Customer: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia Sylvia Summary: AEU needs to have new o365 Suite installed to computer. Description: AEU needs to have new o365 Suite installed to computer. AEU was told to put in ticket by local IT. AEU has receive the new vista but still needs outlook and Skype installed. User iD: VHALONBONAPS   Ext: (562) 826-5860   Bldg/Loc: long beach Office/Cube: 126 /Rm 247 EE: 122-196 Workstation ID: NA

Closed by: Arpon, Henry A

*************************************************** Please do NOT use the Outlook option to “reply” to sender as this notification is a system generated message. *************************************************** If you feel that your Request has not been properly resolved, please contact the Enterprise Service Desk that provides your support. Contact information with a list of numbers and email addresses can be found by clicking this link – http://vaww.aac.va.gov/servicedesk/default.asp

You may review your Request at: http://vaww.nsd.va.gov/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=cr+SKIPLIST=1+QBE.EQ.id=15605094


Brenda, as you can see the I T & O, staff is not responding nicely. No Operational [finely nice on site after 3:00PM- PST], hander on duty, No Chief, of department, just Supervisor and floor man.

As, for VSE, simulations I have completed back in May, and is still waiting for the face to face, a Ms. Johnson-Berryman, was to correlate the task with Michelle Osby-Pierce, but she’s to be out on a possible training of sorts.

Yes, a list has gone out, but yet to have seen the second. Reach-out to :       VHALON Engagement Committee

Yes, I have Carbon Coped, Dustin Thompson3, Acting Associate Director in the behalf of Jill Dietrick, while in Washington D. C.[ questionable return end of July or 1st of August 2017]. From what I understand.

@13:49hr, I re-opened the ticket, for installment on 122 196.

14:56hr Fred Bayan, Operational Chief officer of I T & O I, is back in his office, hopefully he can have OP-247 computer worked on.

You’ll be hearing from me for Question and Answer the next week coming, Vacation Time.

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E I R A M 55 journey to 125

V A Whistleblowers – Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center

CASE # 2017.07.10-05-00-59

How was everyone, weekend.

The hospital, was a very lighting area, with it pretty lights, and comma ness through the hospital.

The weather was warmer, and the Beach was full.

7/14/17 sent out a couple of emails about question that need answers, but still no response of the what I can important ones.

Education Modules 1 & 2, 3 & 4, I believe I signed for them earlier but was instructed on/in carpeted locations.

Our Town Hall Meeting has gone Cooperate America, which means first come first served in which to get involved into the Town Hall Meeting via phone conferencing line, only time, it only holds 30.

You can also, offer your through, frames, creative minds, into a action through the vhalonengagementcommittee@va.gov. Now, how cool is that. I like them, this is the way I have been doing most of meetings. Look who doesn’t have skype, of FreeConference.com connection, save’s time and traffic on the back ends.

This is what we call technology.

The Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center, Federal Labor Relation Authority [ FLRA] has gotten back with me on the OPF, so we’re now waiting face to face or New set-up.

I T Department didn’t response until today:

From: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2017 7:54 AM
To: Bayan, Fred <Fred.Bayan@va.gov>; Holmes, Eric (Long Beach) <eric.holmes@va.gov>; Arpon, Henry A <henry.arpon@va.gov>
Cc: Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia <MarieSylvia.Bonaparte@va.gov>
Subject: 7/17/17 +6/26/17 +Request R15199293FY17 Closed 7/15/17 follow-up need


Mr. Eric Holmes & Henry A Arpon

I T would seem, my computer will be updated, as the system select’s it order.


Is there an update as to when O 365, software will be applied to  EE 122 196. Examinations Room OP-247, second floor, located at Transition Center.

Ms. Sylvia Bonaparte

From:       Arpon , Henry A                                                                                    Sent: Mon 7/17/17  10:26 AM

To:           Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia; Bayan, Fred; Holmes, Eric (Long Beach)


Subject:  RE: 7/17/17 + 6/26/17 + Request R15199293 FY17 Closed 7/15/17 follow – up need

Sorry, I don’t have the schedule of when a specific PC will get the update.  You’ll get it eventually.

Well we do know that ALL the medical department O 362 computers are updated, but it would seem the insertion in the case.

OP-267, staff member’s along with Companion & Pension team a apparently did have enough to do.

The chemical, linger out side of OP-247 loud, and strong.

Returned the assignment into the Hands of C. Johnson-Barrymen..

Eiram55 journey to 125


E I R A M 55 journey to 125

 14th July    2017

V A Whistle blowers – Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center

CASE # 2017.07.10-05-00-59


In heading over to OP-108 in which to collect project of the Day, notice that cement was being proud in one the Engineering Building.



Collected Jul 11, 2017     Recall Delinquency List, 5/31/17 – 7/10/17 pg 1

Elva Yolanda Minero: Notes “10 pages + 7/14/17, Return by 4:20pm, her initials.

Discovered Health Administration Services, is have E. Minero, be responsible for the Painting in which was going on in the Back Hallway of OP-234. Why, did John Clemens notify Elva Yolanda Minero, this was going on since there are communicating on the Instant Messaging System (IM).

Now, we must follow-up to see who order the room to be painted, or was it asked to direct face to face, person cellphone.

Room OP-247, and it aggression area on this side of the elevator, has their Automated External Defibrillator (AED) locked in a Printer Room.

“I asking Nurse Virginia (Gina) De Ocampo, BSN, RN, and CCM Case Manager if it would be placing outside in the HALLWAY, since your Know Locking the Room. She’ll ask, June Callasan, MSN, RN, CCM Program Manager of Transition and Care Management Service [TCM], but there is one in the EYE clinic, and she believes Mental Health has one. You can always have a nurse we all have KEY’s,

Yum that not comforting, wonderful if were in a full Emergency and someone leave their key on the desk in the office, or better yet, in the middle of a  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, CPR, given breath.

This needs to be place where ALL can see and have access.

Chief Ava Pamela Womack, stated in the pass through Vhalon, to be more customer friendly, but if you missing

-Thought:  First, information exists in the mind of the sender. This can be a concept, idea, information of feelings

-Encoding:  Next, a message is sent to a receiver in words or other symbols.

-Decoding: Lastly, the receiver translated the words or symbols into a concept or information that they can understand.

You see Ava Pamela Womack, Chief of HAS, communication is much more than verbal information transferred between individuals. It is the complete package: body language, proxemics, paralinguistic, and even what is missing in the immediacy of the situation at hand.

I am just saying, whether we mean to or not, we’re always saying something to the people within our auditory or visual field.

I still feel, Ava need to long wooden spoon, herself out, and she would possible see a better customer service, seat beside your clerks, ask question, what would they be able to contribution to their area[ please use the extra cash setting in your division pocket for incentive.

Remember it is, the chain of understanding that integrates the members of an organization from top to bottom, bottom to top and side to side. No trust, why should come into act, and I feel this is why your receiving the feedback of poor customer service from you Veterans.

Some, but not all Sector Chief’s, Supervisor, manager, lead tend to react only when there is and interaction crisis: a problem between colleagues, line personnel and supervisor at odds, or citizen complaints.

Given, the ability of the staff/worker, and high school students to say the right things in the right ways can be the difference between successfully managing through a high stress situation and not lose control of the situation all together. Hope that helps!

This is the Day the Lord has made, Happy Friday everyone!

Eiram55 journey to 125


E I R A M55 journey to 125


V A Whistleblowers – Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center

CASE # 2017.07.10-05-00-59

 Well, how is everyone doing today (13th July 2017) Thursday, for myself, I had  one of the worst incident yet, on the train. This individual, that chose to stand in from of me with HIS zipper down, had to listen at my voice.

Kept asking him to move, NO, Okay, know I have to stand, especially when we have a women with a child in the same train traveling.

He apologized, zipped up himself, and seat down somewhere.

Project collect from the back of the hospital OP-108 North side, I’am room on the South end.

OP-247 floors are waxed, wow, great job, they were done correctly.

Back Hall painting – OP-253, supposedly this evening according to J. Clemens, business manager for Transition Center.

July 11, 2017 Print     Recall Delinquency List, 5/31/2017 – 7/10/17

Still No word as to when, a carpeted area will come about for the face to face, VSE can be completed.

People, say why do you keep remembering the Pass, well information is present out, and every once in a while I am first to step out.

Then will receive an email of reminder: “considered for the GS-6 level unless you work in all aspects of being a MSA which you are not doing and it has to be in the PACT clinics or Call Center working at the highest level to achieve a GS-6”. New Supervisor Elva Yolanda Minero in board, started training through her Cellphone / one of her Leads.

Completed that HE could stand the warmth of the HEPA systems {never came back} NO TRAINING, for improvement, but can bully through the Report of Contact (R.C.).

May 2015 toward month end, was supposed to have made shore I received the VSE, link in which to start VSE Simulation process, then had to connect with a Ms.

Michelle Osby-Pierce, to get thinks maven.

Now, do you see HOW I am being treated differently as a Disabled worker? Here you have to be in a pocket, in which to be re-educated to fit something that would work.

No, that can’t happen because some are in BIG money, but lose their creative in the area of Disable worker.

The action still show, it is a problem.

Hearing easy

Wheelchair easy, but anything out of easy, becomes not comfortable and time consuming.

Now, on the GREAT note:

For those who are following my journey to 125, closely.

It pays to document, get individual to response, to your questions.

Like I said in my blog a couple of days ago, our President has signed the formal document in which YOU CAN speak up.

I received {Yes, you professional would note, no case #}

Acknowledgement of Disclosure – Case Number: #     #

CWO Operations:

Sent:  Wed 7/12/2017

To:    Bonaparte, Marie Sylvia


Thank you for submitting your disclosure on July 10, 2017. This matter has been assigned case number:  # Please use this case number in any future correspondence.

Your concerns will be reviewed and you will be notified of the disposition of this matter.  Please provide any and all supporting documentation that you may have pertaining to this disclosure.

Your interest in improving the Department of Veterans Affairs is greatly appreciated.


Case Manager


Central Whistleblower Office


Disclosure submission address: vaaccountabilityteam@va.gov

Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection fax: 202-495-5601

Anonymous Toll-Free Disclosure Hotline: 866-4AWONOW (866-429-6669)

It is nice to see our President has place something into the elements / in which to help use that are doing the work required by those above, and preventing them to bully worker from talking.

Second great Note:

Mr Dannenberg, you have a wonderful staffer, from Podiatry,[ Caren Williams], of  Associated Health Pro, Inc AHP . She’s been providing a continual smell to her patients. 1) Customer service: “ how’s everyone doing, she see & then look, ask question, and get a visual on how she’ll be assisting with a wonderful Nail Clipping. Her notes are place in , in a timely matter, but yet she’s never recognized about her SMELL, and warm voice  starts of a wonderful Day.

Point being, I hope in your next rounds of the Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center, you would say hello.

Keep  Smelling.


Worship when your words fail you

Worship when the world fights you

Worship when worry finds you,   From John Gray,

We are still waiting for the O I & (RO1N22LON), 6/22/2017 the facility download the “AEU needs to have new O 365 suite installed to computer EE 122-196.

Engineering Department :  even those with the loss of their Chief / Dustin Thompson, Acting Associated Director for the division, still has not produced a Venting Report in which for the doctor’s to complete their Report into the facility for this disable worker.

Keeping saying None.

Meanwhile, provide them with time for correction/ did not place in the paperwork’s for detailing to Greater Los Angeles Veteran Affairs at this moment.

Been Block, do to my Chief Ava Pamela Womack, email statement. She hasn’t inquired for her Supervisor to do the correct training for disable worker. She is not saying of see my value in what she’s allowing her supervisors and lead present and have me collect on day on campus.

No Grace

Ava Pamela Womack, the Recalls are a helpful reminder to these Veterans, customer service by walking with him, NOT pointing. It still here wear the right shoes, and you’ll be able to strength yourself.

Follow-up with just and simple HUGE from you and your two tired below, could be nice. Not the unhealthy snack, foods supplied.

Finally, I had a personal issue with my person and need to go home.  Returned assignment to North end of the building OP-108, M. Sargent, Lead states do they Know [E. M. & C. J.]. Walked back to OP-247, Elva Yolanda Minero, shows up, trying to show what kind of time is on the book’s, walked out behind her. “Did you place your time in yum, yum.”  Representatives[E. Minero coming down the hall, needles to say asking the same question, you’ve been asked three time to place your time in]  outside waiting to get me to the doctors office.

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E I R A M55 journey to 125

Now, why is it the Sector chief and Manager so concern on how individual clothes their bodies when coming to work.

Leviticus 18: KJV: I don’t see any executives, enforces the way others who choose not – 22-“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” Point being we see it, we have to love them as God’s children, and opportunity them into the church, before the Lamb.

Do we tell the how to dress, NO. Do we tell individual how to smell NO, so why would the employer be on someone’s back about what worker can afford to clothes themselves and family’s members?

The executive staffs don’t realize they have worker that are just make enough in which to keep a roof over their heads.

So, don’t even get food until they arrive at this job, just waiting for someone to have a party, just so they can feed themselves and family members, and you’re worried about pretty.

Why don’t you turn them hander back forward- for those you have place on yourself for a month, take them all to Goodwill. Someone would possible in joy them.

I believe still, Chief, Assistant Chief, Sector chief, Managers, Supervisor,

Supervisory, and lead to work on the wards one time, just one time, then YOU will not approach people or co-worker in the bullying tatting of the clothes on their bodies. It is embarrassing enough just by you making that statement.

The day started out very interesting, assignment prepared by 8:00am, to have break interruption from Elva Yolanda Minero, about posting after hours in which we need to persuade my EEOC Case.

Now, this was stated to John Clemens, (after June Callasan pushing the issues) that was completing paper works.

While, she [E.M] did not present a ticket on Desk being moved to the WEST Wall, but according to her I P address she’s not submitted anything.

It show her typing up R C. left and right, but she not completing anything she spoke to I or the Vice President of the Union (Noree).

Secondly, she and Noree, was emailed about a copy of this form in which she create for a signature.

My old Supervisor Hector Cascalla here visiting on the OLD Bill Meek’s hallway, it would to seem to also complete paperwork of some kind.

While, checking on the wife location OP-267


In the Reclining of workshop completed my “Certification Services”

Yes, it is some to be prude.

October 2016, when E. Minero came on did complete my course, or training do to I T & Mr. H, who left could deal with the HEPA systems, warmth to OP-247.

After a while every time something came up, it could pertain to disables worker because the Supervisor don’t under the command since of human in the works place.

It has and still is sampler to yell from halls and make present know.


Assignment Recall underneath 5/31/17 – 7/6/17 single pages

Returned: OP 108, north end of the facilities campus


Hey the Full MOON is leaving use.

The energy is something.

Drive self out there.


Eiram55 journey to 125


E I R A M 55 journey to 125


V A Whistleblowers – Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center


Well the weekend has that of a full moon.

Our Monday started out with the power of thoughts and creative, but the down fall was C. Johnson-Barryman didn’t get back with me on the VSE follow through.

Who, know Ava Pamela Womack will do her thing and process with that. Let see what form Ms. Dell Rudd, can assist us.

The Long Beach VA “aka” has fresh eye in which are all over the facility, in meetings, work shop, and learning the overall campus structure.

For use Career individual, please reach-out to the future employee that have come on board.

The recycling workshop is just wonderful, its amazing when the creative individual in a higher position has Heart and soul / compassion can come up with good staggers in which to assist the Disables, some Supervisor / Chief and Manager could learn will from that.


“Your cooperation and input is essential for the OAWP to succeed in accomplishing this goal.


If you have any question or recommendations on how the OAWP can improve service for Veterans and employees, please call:

Executive Director of the Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection-

Peter O’Rourke

OAWP Telephone Number: 202-461-4119

Email Address: VA Accountability Team

For those facing EEOC this month, I would like to say Good Luck, keep your chin high, and drop to your knees and pray.

Links: http://.law.cornell.edu/federal



I am hopping you take the time in which to view, something in these links could possible provide you with a better understanding of what it is your listening.

Everyone have a wonderful evening, diver safe and look out for the other person.

Eiram55 journey to 125


E I R A M55 journey to 125

6/30/17 @ 15:27PM

Re-posting per requested PST


Okay, somewhere interested in the response given from the Administration

Staffer, on the ORM / EEOC issues.

Witness interrogatory


Complainant’s Name: Marie Sylvia Ann Bonaparte

Case No. 200P – 0600- 2017 100709


Ely Quesenberry


Employees of “Veteran Affairs”

Division Veteran Affairs


Branch: VA Long Beach Healthcare System

Location: Long Beach, CA

In the capacity: Human Resources – Employee / Labor Relations Specialist

Grade 12           April 2016   Present

Number during working hours       562- 826- 8000   x2 2910




I am required by federal regulations and The Department of Veteran Affairs policy to cooperate fully and

Promptly with the investigator who has been assigned to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into a complaint of discrimination against the Veterans Affairs.

I must provide a statement for the investigative report which is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and which discloses all of my firsthand knowledge having a bearing on the merits of the complaint. My statement is provided under oath (or affirmation), without a pledge of confidentiality, in accordance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rules and regulations and Veteran Affairs policy. In addition, the complaint process will receive the entire investigative file. I have the right to review my statement prior to signing it and may make initialized corrections if it is incomplete or inaccurate; I have the right to receive a copy of the signed statement.


I understand the following issues (s) have been accepted for investigation:


  • Whether Complainant was discriminated against based on reprisal (prior EEO activity) and disability, when since November 22, 2016, Ely Quesenberry, Employee / Labor Relations, has not granted Complainant’s accommodation request to be re-assigned to the Greater Los Angeles VA facility.Please state your full name.


  1. Ely Quesenberry
  2. Please state whether or not you have engaged in prior EEO activity.
  1. Yes. I have participated in other EEO interview related to reasonable accommodations.Please state, “yes” or “no” regarding whether or not you have a disability.
  1. No.Please state your position, job title, series and grade level with the VA for the period November 22, 2016 to December 8, 2016.
  1. Employee / Labor Relations Specialist, 201, GS-12Please state your current position, title and grade.
  1. Employee / Labor Relations Specialist, 201, GS-12Please state your current place of employment, including work street address, work email, and telephone number.
  1.  VA Long Beach Healthcare SystemLong Beach, CA   90802562 826-8000   x2910Please provide the names and titles of your first and second line supervisor(s) effective November 22, 2016 to December 8, 20166. For each person identified, indicated the beginning and ending date (s) you were under his /her supervision.
  2. Ely.quesenberry@va.gov
  3. 5901 E. 7th Street
  1. 1st line – Adrienne Johnson, Chief-Employee / Labor Relations, April 2016 – present
  2. 2nd line – Lori Karin, Human Resources Officer, August 2016 – presentDo you know Marie Bonaparte, hereinafter Complainant? If yes, please state your work relationship to complainant?
  1. Yes. She is a co-worker at the VA Long Beach Medical Center.Are you award of whether or not Complainant is a qualified individual with a disability?When and how did you become aware?If yes, what documentation was provided and when?
  2. Did Complainant provide documentation?
  3. What are you aware of in terms of Complainant’s disability?
  1. Yes. She has asthma that is triggered by airborne irritants.Were you aware of the Complainant’s disability as of November 22, 2016? If yes, when and how did you become aware? If you became aware subsequent to November 22, 2016, when and how did you become aware?
  2. She has a permanent restriction of not working in carpeted areas. Ms. Bonaparte told me about her disability and work restrictions but I don’t recall the approximate date. On March 2, 2017, she provided me with medical documentation dated February 28, 2017 from Judson Schoendor, MD (Attachment #1). On March 16, 2017, she provided me with medical note dated March 15, 2017 from Ghan Lohiya, MD (Attachment #2)
  1. Yes. Ms. Bonaparte mentioned to me she made a previous complaint to EEO but I do not recall when she told me.Please describe your involvement in this issue. If you were not involved, please provide the name of the management official (s) who had a role in Complainant’s reasonable accommodation request.
  1. I am the Local Reasonable Accommodation Coordinator for the VA Long Beach Medical Center (March 2015 to present). My role is to facilitate the reasonable accommodation processJeffrey Arcaro, Assistant Chief, Health Administration Service
  2. Was Complainant able to perform the essential functions of the position with or without an accommodation?
  3. Pamela Womack, Chief, Health Administration Service
  4. The management officials involved are:
  1. Yes.Did Complainant request an accommodation?
  2. What accommodation, if any, did Complainant suggest and when?
  1. Ms. Bonaparte requested to be transferred to another VA facility, West Los Angeles on or about November 7, 2016 (Attachment #3)
  2. Ms. Bonaparte requested for management to relocate her to another office on or about February 8, 2016 (Attachment #4).
  3. Ms. Bonaparte requested to telework and / or have tour of duty change on or about July 21, 2014.What action did the agency take to identify possible accommodation or attempt accommodation?What actions did the agency take to consider Complainant’s suggested accommodations?
  5. Did the agency make an individualized assessment of Complainant, comparing his qualifications and limitations with the job requirements?
  1. In identifying a possible accommodation for the request dated November 7, 2017 and to make an individualized assessment of comparing her qualifications and limitations, the Agency sent an e-mail to Ms. Bonaparte on December 2, 2016 (Attachment #6). The e-mail requested for Ms. Bonaparte to submit medical documentation to support how the current location is not effective when performing essential functions of her position.
  2. On April 10, 2017, Assistant Chief, HAS, Jeffrey Arcaro created Work Order # HV170410-003 and to check overheard ceiling vent for location bldg, 126 A-OP247. As a result of the checking the vent, there was no sign of chemical. The work order was closed on April 26, 2017 (Attachment #8).If yes, when?
  3. If an accommodation was identified, would the accommodation enable Complainant to perform the essential functions of the job, i.e., is it effective?
  4. Did the agency provide an accommodation?
  1. Regarding Ms. Bonaparte’s reasonable accommodation request dated November 7, 2016, a determination has not been made. The medical documentation submitted by Ms. Bonaparte did not support how the current location is not effective when performing the essential functions of her position and why GLA is an effective reasonable accommodation.
  2. Regarding the accommodation July 21, 2014, the designated management, Mary Ann Child (Retired), provided Ms. Bonaparte with an alternate accommodation to minimize environmental allergens. She was granted approval to wear a sealed respiratory mask. An HEPA air filter was issued to Ms. Bonaparte for her private office. An air quality study was conducted and air ducts in areas she was assigned to work were cleaned.   VA staff was reminded to avoid using/ wearing strong scents in the workplace. In addition, her work schedule was modified to allow her to seek medical treatment. She was allowed to take “fresh air” breaks in addition to existing 15 minute breaks. Communication was modified by reducing face to face contact through the use of telephone and electronic communication (Attachment #5).If the agency did not provide an accommodation, what reason has the agency given for its refusal?
  1. The agency has not refused to provide an accommodation. The agency has requested for Ms. Bonaparte to submit medical documentation to support how the current location (bldg.. 126, OP-247) of accommodation is not effective when performing the essential functions of her position and why GLA is an effective reasonable accommodation. Ms. Bonaparte’s current work location, bldg. 126A- OP 247 allows her to perform the essential duties as a Medical Support Assistant.
  2. On May 26, 2017, Ms. Bonaparte submitted additional medical documentation dated April, 2017 from Ghan Lohiya MD, and it is currently being reviewed (Attachment #9).


If you took the action that is claimed to have been discriminatory (failed to great Complainant’s accommodation request to be re-assigned to the Greater Los Angeles VA facility), did you take that action in order to treat the complainant any differently or less favorably that other employees because of her, disability status or prior EEO activity? If no, please explain WHY you took this action.


  1. The agency has not taken action that is claimed to have been discriminatory.What is the agency’s policy regarding reasonable accommodation requests?
  2. Was the policy followed in Complainant’s case?
  1. The Agency policy is listed in VA HANDBOOK 5975.1 ( Attachment #10). Yes, the policy was followed in this case.In regards to this incident/ action, who, by name and position title, was treated in regards to this incident / action, who, by name and position title, was treated more favorably than Complainant? Have they engaged in prior EEO activity? Do they possess a disability?
  1. To my knowledge, no one who has been treated more favorable that the Complainant.Can you provide the name(s) of any witnesses, who can substantiate your claim that Complainat was not subjected to disparate treatment?
  2. If so, state their names, position titles, grades, office telephone numbers, emails and a brief description of the information they may provide.
  1. Jeffrey Arcaro, Assistant Chief, Health Administration Service, GS-13 (562) 826-8000 x3504     pamela.womack@va.govIs there anything pertinent to these issues that you would like to add that we have not already discussed?
  2. Pamela Womack, Chief, Health Administration Services, GS-14
  3. (562) 826-8000 x3540     jeffrey.arcaro@va.gov
  1. No.I have reviewed the statement, which consists of 6 pages, and hereby solemnly swear ck or affirm that it is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that the information I have given will not be held confidential and may be shown to the interested parties as well as made a permanent part of the record of investigation.(signature of Deponent)                                 6/7/17Totaling 6 of 6 pages                                                             with (initials)

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V A Whistleblowers – Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center
Look at the beautiful building of the Long Beach VA”aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center. It light up like a beautiful diamond in the sky, but its to bad when Fully operational, the behind the sense isn’t creative any more.
The frame work is changing slowly, as our Director step back to have a more visual.
The Doctor are coming and going.
Nurses and other staff’s after their One to Two year are leaving.
Why don’t we have Chiefs, Assist Chief, and Sector Chief come out and work a long side Medical Support Assistance, the Secretaries, and Clerk at Stations.
The money founded for the Housekeeper to work all of the overtime in which they chose, but what is the legatee area in which to detail, and what Ones will be until later.
 Our elevator are pretty nice, but what has happen to all the Stairs coming down from eleventh floor, and smaller locations.
So, of the ground floors have had leafs on the ground floors for so long, they are being crushed into dirt.’
Tri- Care is know more / but some were offered extension for particular care need.
Is the heavy EEOC case loads for the Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center.
Things will continue to change for the mission in which Dannanberg is planing.
More fresh idea’s are needed from the worker / employee’s who want to get involved..
Contact the different groups available at the Long Beach provide.
Maybe we’ll see Associate Director Jill Dietrick, return.
Since the Preisdent has signed his Whistle blowing Act for the employee’s, there has been a lot of apologizing from the Supervisor, and Manager level of employment.
The Question still reminds how in the world do their sleep at night.
We are All going to have a wonder week.
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Late entry due to computer issues on 29th June 2017

Our director, has step back to notice and see what is accruing through the facility and taking action.

Washington, D. C. is watching closely.

Individual – in the Executive levels are being looked at, why, and during the same time not allowing employees to speak out and feel not bulled by their Supervisor, Supervisory, Manager, Management, Sector Chief, Chief & Assistant Chiefs.

Interesting New, was informed that the documentation sent to the hospital is being, reviewed to his finding.

Drilling / Construction is underneath OP-247, out and around the location.

In walking, through the waiting room a patient became sick, and the husband / caregiver gabs a trashcan .

What was more – disturbing is look at the Clerk in the area, looking at me as to what is was going to do, and did assist at the aid of Patient Seating in her own lobby.

Continued with the assist by, retrieving paper towel from the bathroom / and lay a VA towel over her lap where some of the fluid landed.

Nurse wonderful Nurse Karen had her Door closed, heard what was going on, assisted with clean-up and pushed the patient, down to the Emergency Room to continue her Care.

See if the Clerk, had a back ground as a Nurse’s Aide, or Healthcare worker she would have mind getting her Hands Soled to help the Veteran keep her dignity.

So, she came in clean clothes, but had to Leave are hospital with Soled ones.

Then noted as before blog, I explained how Executives Manager have the ability in which to control and view your computers while you’re up on them.

I had used the information a Business Manager had ligated for the Executive Chief at the time:

–ACCESS Creation , which authorization by Executive Management for OVER/ COMP time to work down the backlog and address all clerical errors.

In creating this systems in the pass has allowed still yet, the underdog, (newbie) to use this wrongful in harming the workers underneath themes credited work.

–Now, after turning off your computer to reload / you have the ability to see what Executive Management Officer are on you I P Address if  view the upper bander.

On the computer use at OP-247 M s i-exec / Fu 29A2BA7E 35044 F8D 9F1C98515687 EC 32 } f u


I am so use to the evening / night time scheduling system that I didn’t realize that the clock’s on Day’s in Vista Long beach a backwards, another words if you’re time collects in at midnight, 4.0 SL (sick leave) it set as one ,and can’t technical be use until the next two weeks. [okay then – Master Agreement Article 35].

Meanwhile, this has been a good day, my recycling course came through.

See everyone at the Top for you created minded would be the only ones to understand

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E I R A M 55 journey to 125

V A Whistleblowers – Long Beach VA “aka” Tibor Rubin Medical Center

                            For : 7th July 2017

This is the Day the Lord has made, friends and families member are great.

Those in which trusted, are well.

Those ,in my present, surrounding are nice.

It looks as though Angela Nwachuku, Compensation and Pension, Administrative official has received the message in which to keep the Print Room Open [OP-246].

Received open ” Hearing information” O W P

Received  EEOC federal Courts

BLACK DUST is back through our vents in building 126. be carful out there.

No Elva Yolanda Minero, other supervisor of Call Center is placing in everyone’s time’s for next weeks pay check.

Ava Pamela Womack, has sent out an email for individual to place times in from the pass Month

Cory Ramsey, Executive Nurse has / is preparing for decisions.

MONDAY, JUNE 19,   2017

4:34 P.M. EDT


Gisele Arlene Payne, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?



Q    Could you please state your full name for the record?

A    Gisele Arlene Payne.

Q    Please state yes or no regarding whether or not you’ve engaged in prior EEO activity.

A    Yes.

Q     Please stat yes or no whether or not you have a disability.

A     No.  Well, I have a disability.  I wouldn’t say a disability.  I have a medical condition.

Q     Okay. Please state your position title, series and grad level with the VA of December 8th, 2016

A     I’m a GS employee.  I’m the service Section Chief for the Health Administration Department.  Health Administration Service.

Q    Okay. And what is your grade and series?

A     I’m a GS – 12.  I believe it’s 303.  Let me just double – check for you

Q    Okay.

A    301.  I’m sorry

Q     And you’re an employee of the Long Beach VAMC; is that correct?

A     Yes.

Q    Okay.   What is your work e-mail and telephone?

A    My work e-mail is Gisele.Payne@va.gov.   And my phone number here is 565-826-800, Extension 36- –2 3640.

Q    And for the period of November to December  of  2016, who were your first- and second – line supervisors, and what were their title?

A     My front – line supervisor is Jeffrey Arcaro.  He’s the Assistant Chief of the Health Administration Service.

Q    Okay.  And who does he report to ?


A     Hello?

Q    Oh, okay.   And who does he report to?

A    He reports to Pam Womack.  She’s the Chief of the service for Health Administration Service.

Q    And do you know Marie Sylvia Bonaparte, hereinafter referred to as the complainant?  And if yes, what is your organizational relationship to her?

A    I do know her.   She’s in  my section. Yes.

Q   Okay.  And would you be her second line?

A    Yes.  I’m her second line.

Q     Okay.   As of November 1st, 2016, were you aware of the complainant’s disability?  And if so, when and how did you become aware?

A    Her disability meaning she has – I don’t know of her disability.  I know of her issues.  That something happened in her office.

      And we – I heard it from my boss, my superior.  She was communicating with my superior on issues that was involving her office.

      I ‘m not  award of her disability.  I’m just aware that she had issues in her office that’s causing her to have these, I guess, sinus – sinus issues or skin issues or not able to inhale the air properly.  That’s all I’m aware of.

Q     Okay.  When did you first become award of those issues?

A      I don’t have all her paperwork right in front of me.   But I do remember when my boss brought this to my attention to follow up just to make sure.   Because she was bypassing the front – line supervisor and myself and going strictly to the Chief.

Q     I see.   And when was that?

A     I don’t even have all the dates.  I guess  I should pull up all her files, huh?

Q     You can give me an approximate time.

A     I can’t even really – I don’t even remember if it was six months, five months, because it’s an ongoing issues.

Q     Uh – huh.

A     Once we close out an issue, there’s another issue that’s starting.  We have issues with her saying that there’s exhaust in her office.

         We take so many accommodations for her.   And  every time we think it’s closed out, there’s a new one beginning.

Q     Was this prior to November of 2016, or you do not recall?

A     All her – yes.   All her  issues are prior  to November  16th, because it’s ongoing.  We moved her out of the call center.

     Because ,initially that’s where she’s supposed to be stationed.  And she cannot be around carpet.  And she has a mask that she wears to protect her from all the allergens that she’s inhaling.

     And from my understanding, that’s supposed to be a powerful mask where you can go anywhere, because you have this mask where you can go anywhere,  because you have this mask to protect you from all these allergens.

     We’re accommodating her in a different building in a different office, which is a provider’s office.  And that particular office had – she said something fell on her from the ceiling.

Q     Okay.  Let me stop you – let me stop you there.  Because we’re going to get  into the claim in

Just a bit.

A     Okay.

Q     I just have a few more background question to ask.

A     Okay.

Q     As of November 22nd,  2016   were you aware of her prior EEO activity?   And if yes, when and how

Did you become aware?

A    Of her EEO?  I think I need to pull up some files.  I can’t really quote you yes or no, because I have to look at these files.   Because this was six months ago.

Q     Not a problem.   Go  ahead.

A     I should have had her file here.   But I didn’t know you were going to ask that.

Q    I think the initial e-mail that I sent you last week, it had the questions attached to it.  I’m not sure if you noticed that.

A    What is your last name again?   Let me check.

Q    Baker.

A    Okay.  I see that in here.  Okay.   Okay.    Let me see.  I have one of her incidents here.    That was June of  2016.

Q     Okay.  Ms. Payne, so you were aware as of  November 22nd,  2016?

A     Yes,  I’m aware.  I’m looking at all the e-mails.  Because sometimes she would include me in the e-mails.  And sometimes my boss would forward them to me.

Q     Okay.

A     And then sometimes her supervisor would  forward to it me as just a “cc” recipient.

Q     I see.   Okay.   So moving on the claims.   The complainant alleges that she was discriminated against based on reprisal and disability when since November 22nd, 2016,  Ely Quesenberry has not granted her accommodation request to be reassigned to the Greater Los Angeles VA facility.

       Now, I know that she had requested prior accommodation requests.  But in terms of this EEO complaint,  I’m only investigating the issue surrounding her request to be reassigned to the Los Angeles VA.

      Did you have any role in that particular request?

A     No ,role at all.  Because, that’s dealing with the Employee Relations Department.  Even to be reassigned to a different station, that’s basically for the employee to apply for those positions.

Q     Okay.  Understood.

A     We’ve recently accommodated her on all her needs here at the facility.  But for you to apply for a different station, you have to apply for those jobs and competed with the other candidates.




Q     Okay.   Understood.       Is there anything pertinent to this issue that you would like to add that we have not already discussed?

A     No.


Sonja, we can go off the record.

(Off the record.)

( The proceedings concluded at 5:07 p. m. EDT)

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