The weekend was about constipation, then chills, fever, and just not being able to forces, or be relaxed. Wow, ran to the doctor to find out we have the flu. I don’t know about others as myself, but I need to keep going – sickness is seating around and have a stiff body.

For those who are listening we must have our oatmeal every day. I have learn you can change up with fruits, and just blend with maybe a banana. Coffee, lite on the creamers [flavor], I find it those better then sugars. Then half moon time [10:00am -2:00pm] have your proteins and added lunches. As results, please remember to drink your waters through the day [everyone under doctor care please ask about your fluid intake]. Then take in those snacks far and between.

Through the uncomfortableness of those  chilled, fever,  aches this makes a body feel dead, but follow your heart [gut] not always your head. We must learn to relaxing is part of the heal process, that’s what bed rest is Right.